Downtown - United States

Discovering the United States is like throwing yourself into a crazy adventure. This vast country, which is shaking up the foreigner, is not easy to tame. Several trips were necessary to see it differently. You have to learn to love the deceptive monotony of cities if you want to understand them. You have to accept the immensity of roads and plains if you want to appreciate them. This repetition of photographic images, associated with places crossed and crossed again from east or west, from north to south, makes me feel this American space endlessly.
I came to watch.
This series entitled "Downtown" begins to take shape during my stay in Kansas City located in the state of Missouri. A medium-sized city center offers the possibility, thanks to footbridges crossing the streets, to photograph in high-angle mode. I am beginning to tame this squared downtown with its large avenues that delimit the neighborhoods. A repetition of cubes lined up with a surprise at the end of each street. My gaze is no longer centered and unfocused on business buildings, howling sirens, but on urban life, finally.
I then sink into this geometry with the hope of finding behind my lens an assembly of ordered elements. The neighborhoods are beautiful whatever the hour. I am these vertical, horizontal, oblique lines of the street.
I try to keep a distance from my subjects, not to disturb the sound of footsteps that echo on the pavement. It's modern American life, often brutal.
Sometimes feel this impression of stillness, emptiness, absence, loneliness. There are those who have succeeded and those who have failed.
The men walk, sometimes touching each other without speaking. The individual remains isolated. They work during the day and sleep at night, until when?
It is good to go home.