Summer - France

Blazing sun.
It’s dry and hot.
Days at sea as beautiful as happiness.
Swimming towards a desert beach.
Plunging into the water then drying on the sand.
Lying down in the shade of the pines growing on the hill.
Not knowing anymore where you are.
Vanishing in an unknown landscape at the height of the summer heat.
Listening to the sounds  around: cicadas, crickets, like a rustle or a crackle of twigs in a fire.
Smelling the scents of thyme, lavender, oregano, sage.
Nights are warm.
And darkness never falls on the sea.
Living through these hours at daybreak or at sunset when the landscape changes and you
feel the great silence all around, the stillness of the moment, the sudden quietness of the air.

Camera : Leica Q Summilux 28mm