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You want a photographer near Bordeaux or Périgueux to accompany you in your personal or professional project: choosing a photographer is not easy. Choosing the photographer who will perfectly meet your expectations is even less so. What are your criteria? your preferences? the budget you want to put?

Highlighting your profession, your products, your region or keeping in mind a unique moment shared with your friends, your family or your children requires support that only a professional can provide for you.
I have been doing photography for over 10 years. My knowledge and my outlook were built during my travels and my uncounters. I strive to offer unique images. Strong images which, I hope, will confirm that you have chosen the right photographer by contacting me!

The photo report of your company

An illustrated report requires mastery and knowledge of natural light. Photographs can be taken at different times of the day (golden hours, blue hour, morning, evening, etc.) depending on the architecture, location, materials used and the desired effect.

Marmelade homemade by Janik Paytra


To highlight your business (restaurant, store, SME, etc.), I use a top-of the range professional equipment (Leica, Canon) which allows me to respond to all types of places, atmosphere and people. I make the most of my artistic skills to make my shots unique.
Lenses that capture light despite very low light, a zoom to remain discreet and immortalize moments without disturbing, these are the secrets to a successful photo report: give your company a new identity! 




« Ô Tour du Vin » is a premium class bespoke experience.


One bottle, two bottles, three bottles ... 

Do you want to communicate your products? The packshot (pack-shot) consists in taking a photograph of an object or a bottle (bottleshot) on a plain background (products for catalogue, website) or transparent background (photo montage and poster).
In our society where everything is connected, the packshot is essential for any business that sells goods. I prefer a decor on a white background that is as natural as possible, without artifice. The product as the customer would see it if he came directly to you.
These same products can be photographed in lifestyle, in their natural environment or dedicated room. In this case, the macro or close-up mode can also be used to highlight a detail of the product.

List of the bottles of wine below in bottle-shot: Château La Gaffelière 2010, Château Beau Sejour 2011, Château Adaugusta 2015, Château Moutin 2010, Domaine de Roumaud 2014, Château La Fleur Pétrus 2014, Clos des Papes 2016, Château Climens 2000 


The vines in the Saint-Emilion vineyard, photo shoot


Bottleshot and packshot for castles


Saint-Emilion - Château Pavie-Macquin