long hair - France

Next book "les cheveux longs" to be published, prefaced by Nikos Aliagas:
"Aurélien Voldoire's poetic universe takes us into a dreamlike world where the frame is only a pretext. A silent window on a world as real as it is imaginary, a universe where the light of summer still resists like a final catharsis before the return journey. In his images the light is mineral, the sea becomes sky, the shadow spreads its roots over the amber material as time weaves its inexorable web of memories.
And then there is childhood, this space where insouciance mocks what is in order, childhood that sneaks up, that scrolls, that annihilates the fear of those who photograph to keep the image chained, childhood that delivers the rules of art without warning. Aurélien Voldoire's gaze knocks on the door of our weightlessness, he frees the frame from its rules, he generates the flow in what is closed and static. Life in its purest expression, that of a spring twilight that crosses the glass roof of a house in the country, that of a rustling leaf before a storm, that of the vine that carries the lineage with humility. The artist's images smell of bergamot, salt and warm bread, the burning stone of an impatient lizard, the aroma of an old-fashioned grape variety that emerges at the first sip of light, the sweet hair of the latest born...
What the photographer's image does not say, the man imagines, Aurélien's work is precisely an invitation to this inner journey. Essential and life-saving."
Photographs: © Aurélien Voldoire
Taken with a Leica Q (Type 116)
Years : 2020-2022
Places : Corsica, Provence, Gironde